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Front-end Developer Product Development/IT . Stockholm SKICKA ANSÖKAN

Engineering at PIHR is an exciting journey at the edge of technology. We are currently building a team of engineers that will litterally change people’s lives globally. PIHR’s purpose is to make the workplace more equal through technology and as a developer at PIHR you will be at the center of this effort.



As a front-end developer at PIHR you are at the center of what we want to be known for, ease of use in an attractive package. We strive to make our users focus on their task (reducing gender pay gaps), not spending time or effort in our UI. Our UI should do its thing and stay out of the way so our customers can do theirs. Expect to be working with colleagues from all corners of PIHR to create an innovative and unique experience. In short you will be:

  • Working closely with the back-end developers to roll out new features
  • Working closely with stakeholders in- and outside of PIHR to understand how our product is perceived.


Although this is a front-end position we want someone that cares deeply about UX. You will be writing code that will be used by people all over the world but we also want you to feel ownership over the experience that we want to create. We also think that you have:

  • In-depth knowledge of Javascript (minimum 5 years experience).
  • Experience developing front-ends using Angular.
  • Experience from modern web technologies and know your way around HTML and CSS.
  • Experience creating beautiful web applications and have good UX sensibilities.
  • Experience from Azure is a plus.

The position is located at our office in central Stockholm.

If you made it this far and feel that pay equality is important but maybe your skill set does not match up to the requirements above to 100%, give it a try anyway. Let us get to know you. 

Apply as soon as possible but not later than May 16th. 



PIHR is a Swedish SaaS company on a mission to close the gender pay gap through technology. PIHR was founded in 2012 in Stockholm, and we launched our SaaS product, PIHR PAY EQUALITY, in January 2017 and today more than 1.5 million individuals are surveyed using our tool.